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Learning by Making A.K.A. Project Based Learning approach in which learners are given a context or a problem to solve or a scenario for which they have identified what they should know or learn in order to complete the goal or solve the problem. This really drives a learner to take ownership of their learning as opposed to the approach of traditional learning, where learners are told, what they have to learn, with an end goal to clear a test.
Many world renowned organizations have identified skills like collaboration, self-awareness, creative thinking as must have skills for the human workforce. The World-Economic Forum describes Creativity as the most needed skill in their 2020 report. Makershala is focussed to keep these skills at the core of its objectives and build learning experiences that engage learners to develop knowledge and find their interest.
Makershala offers learning experiences in the form of projects which gives each learner an opportunity to develop and demonstrate these skills. Learners are assessed, graded and rewarded based on their performance in these projects.
Makershala projects are set around different themes and technology platforms. These themes are basically real-life scenarios related to various communities and industrial domains. Learners can try doing projects of different domains and explore their interests. Once they have identified a few areas, they can further pursue it by doing more projects.
Kids from age 8-15 can set up an account and enroll in different courses and projects.
Admission means creating a learner account on Makershala. And there is no admission fee till any further notice.
Parents or kids themselves can set up their learner account on Makershala by signing up and can start enrolling in projects and courses of their choice or interest.
Each learner account has a vault, like a wallet, which holds coins. A learner can use these coins to enroll in a course or a project. Parents have to refill coins in the Learners vault when the learner requests a refill from the learner dashboard.
Learners can generate a refill request from the dashboard and mention the number of coins required. The parent will receive the payment link through which coins are refiled in the learner vault.
Tools and materials are listed in the project page and based on required items can be added to cart. A learner can procure these items as a kit with the “Purchase Kit” option.
It generally takes 2-4 working days to deliver the items.