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by mahik jain - Friday, 15 May 2020, 5:02 PM

this is a circuit diagram of radar.this is a circuit diagram of radar.The Arduino Radar Project is more of a visual project than it is a circuit implementation. Of course, I will be using different hardware like Arduino UNO, HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor and a Servo Motor but the main aspect is the visual representation in the Processing Application.I will collect the information from the Ultrasonic Sensor with the help of Arduino and pass it to Processing where a simple Graphics application is implemented to mimic a Radar Screen. for better understanding watch this video:

Components Required


  • Arduino UNO  
  • HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor  
  • TowerPro SG90 Servo Motor  
  • Mounting Bracket for Ultrasonic Sensor (optional)  
  • Connecting Wires  
  • Jumper Cables  
  • 5V Power Supply  
  • USB Cable (for Arduino) 


    • Arduino IDE
    • Processing Application
  • to download the processing application open:https://processing.org/download/
  • Working

    Initially, upload the code to Arduino after making the connections. You can observe the servo sweeping from 00 to 1800 and again back to 00. Since the Ultrasonic Sensor is mounted over the Servo, it will also participate in the sweeping action.

    Now, open the processing application and paste the above given sketch. In the Processing Sketch, make necessary changes in the COM Port selection and replace it with the COM Port number to which your Arduino is connected to.

    If you note the Processing Sketch, I have used the output display size as 1280×720 (assuming almost all computers now-a-days have a minimum resolution of 1366×768) and made calculation with respect to this resolution.

    n the future, I will upload a new Processing sketch where you can enter the desired resolution (like 1920×1080) and all the calculations will be automatically adjusted to this resolution.

    Now, run the sketch in the Processing and if everything goes well, a new Processing window opens up like the one shown below. A Graphical representation of the data from the Ultrasonic Sensor is represented in a Radar type display. If the Ultrasonic Sensor detects any object within its range, the same will be displayed graphically on the screen.