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Converging and Diverging LED Pattern
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by Deepak Kumar - Monday, 11 May 2020, 10:02 PM


My project is an LED Color pattern. The project contains 9 LEDs that are all powered and communicate with the Arduino. There are 2 different patterns that will cycle through and will be played in a loop. When one pattern ends, another takes its place. The main plan was to create a synchronized pattern using just LED's, LED patterns helps in programming to practice. the code was complex since we had to implement two different patterns in the code.

Required Material

  1. Arduino Uno with USB Cable x 1
  2. Arduino IDE x 1
  3. Laptop or PC x 1
  4. LEDs x 9
  5. Jumper Wire
  6. Battery and battery Cap

Instructions for this Project

Step 1. Download (LED_Pattern.ino) file and Schematics Diagram by clicking on the below link.


Step 2. Circuit Diagram.

Step 3. Watch the tutorial video.


Best Regards:-
Deepak Kumar,
Maker Mentor,
MRIS 46, Gurugram.

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