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by Hardik Mavdiya - Sunday, 10 May 2020, 2:57 PM

TinkerCAD is an online platform that provides 3D modeling and electronics project simulation. We can design 3D models and generates a compatible file for  3D print, also we can make electronics circuits and code easily. 

In this tutorial, we will explore Arduino based circuit design and we will develop a piano, with the help of simple piezo buzzer and pushbuttons. After the simulation, we can develop the actual hardware and code for the actual small piano. 

# Prerequisites

1. a Laptop/ computer

2. Internet Connection 

3. Email ID

# Login Step

1. Go to the website: 


2. Sign In using your email ID. 

3. Find the circuit option on the dashboard right corner and click OK. 

# Click the video link for detailed steps:

#  Circuit Diagram:


# Arduino Code:


Happy Tinkering!

Happy Learning!

Happy Coding!

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