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Floor Cleaning Robot
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by Mohit Bahl - Wednesday, 13 February 2019, 2:04 PM

Firstly, we will be focusing on making the base of the robot first. As we want our robot to be controlled by just the click on your Smartphone, we need to bring Bluetooth Module in the frame too.So let’s begin with the assembly of the Smartphone Controlled Robot:

First, take the base plate and to it connect the two Motor Mounts using M3 bolts and nuts. Onto this motor mounts, fix the DC Motors onto them. To this motor connect the wheels. As we know, we at least need three points of contact, we’ll add one more by adding the castor wheel.

Onto this plate, we will mount evive. Finally, mount Bluetooth Module onto the evive. Thus, completing the base assembly.

Picture of The Floor Cleaner

To assemble the flood Cleaner, we need a stable platform to fix it. We will start attaching another chassis on top of the robot using Standoffs. Once done with it, keep the assembly aside.We need comparatively more space to assemble the cleaner, thus we will be combining two big blix pieces using connectors. 

Upon these, we will be mounting the cleaners. Also, we need to connect this assembly with the robot, thus we will be adding one extra elongated assembly. Next, is assembling DC Motors as we will need to rotate our cleaners. We have wheels, upon these, we will glue the cloth to the wheels.

Now attach these wheels to the Motor Shaft.

Picture of Finishing It

Lastly, Attach a metal servo on the bottom chassis. And to its head, attach the elongated part of the cleaner assembly. Now that we have a cloth that will clean the floor, we also need a mechanism that will spill the water on the floor to clean it. Thus, onto the chassis attach a bottle filled with water and place a water pump in it.

Now, through what will the water go out. Thus, we have a 3D printed sprayer. We have attached the sprayer to the blix assembly between the two cloths using Hot glue. Finally, we have added an external source of the battery which we placed upon the chassis and is connected to evive. Our robot is Smartphone Controlled, thus you can control it using the GamePad app. The robot not only cleans the floor, but it also cleans the walls, adding an advantage to it.

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