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LOG Soil Moisture Sensor Data To GOOGLE SHEET Using NodeMCU
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by Amanpreet kaur - Monday, 30 March 2020, 6:54 PM

Component used: 

1.ESP8266 NodeMCU

2.Soil moisture sensor

3.jumper wires

Other essential requirements : Internet connection at agriculture field as well as for opening the googlesheet. 

 Essential steps 

1.Create Google Script in Google Sheet for Data Logging.

2. Get the google script ID.

3.Program nodeMCU to send soil moisture data to google sheet.

The google spreadsheet is used to store and monitor the data from soil moisture sensors.  Sitting at home or any where around the world one can monitor his/her crops or other plants, when it require water and hence time,water can be saved. hence it is highly beneficial for farmers or gardeners.

 With increasing popularity of IoT, more number of sensors are used every day and these sensors produce anonymous data which are useful to control other devices on the IoT network. These data can be studied  and used to modify design or improve the system performance. The Applications of Data Logging is vast and can be applied in Research Centres, Scientific Labs, Operation Theatres, Patient Monitoring System and many more. in this project use the Google sheet as IoT cloud to log the data generated by a soil moisture Sensor.

 Here we used  ESP8266 NodeMCU to send the humidity in soil and dryness in soil data from soil moisture sensor to the Google Sheet over the internet.This Google Sheet Logger system is quite easy to learn and doesn’t contain much peripherals. The Components are also frequently used. Note that, the active internet connection is required to send the data to Google Sheet.

The library ESP8266WiFi.h is used for accessing the functions of ESP8266, the HTTPSRedirect.h library is used for connecting to Google Spreadsheet .

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