We all love music and speakers are an important way to experience it. There are so much variety in products available in market that it is so difficult to find everything in one.

In a speaker, you may like to have portability that makes it possible to carry anywhere or design that goes well with your interiors or something custom that you want to give as a gift. So use your electronics and prototyping skills and come up with some innovative speaker design that suits your taste and usage.

PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is sturdy, light, and relatively low in cost material. PVC is used for everything from construction profiles to medical devices, from roofing membranes to credit cards, and from children’s toys to pipes for water and gas.PVC fosters creativity and innovation, making new possibilities available every day.

In fashion, furniture and all types of indoor and outdoor accessories, PVC opens up functional and design opportunities that are both visually striking and fundamentally practical. For example; designing a camera stabilizer, PVC bike, a table lamp, furniture for your school or home and much more.

 PVC enables us to live better, richer and, perhaps, even more beautifully in our lives so it’s time to have a PVC Challenge where you need to think of designing a prototype that can help to solve real life problems.

A toy is an item to play with, and is also an interesting way to train or entertain not only children but also adults. A toy can be made up of a single or a combination of different materials like wood, clay, metal, plastic or paper. It can be something which is perfectly manufactured for mass use or custom hand made for a specific use.

For Ex; a simple flying toy can be made out of paper like paper planes or by using high tech electronics to make drones. Both in their outlook are flying toys and have different purpose, learning, user groups and their experience.

Looking at these points, in the Toy Making Challenge, you need to identify a purpose and design a toy that will help in achieving it. A few categories are listed for you help, you may also choose from these.