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Modern farms and agricultural operations work far differently than those a few decades ago, primarily because of advancements in technology, including sensors, devices, machines, and information technology. Today‚Äôs agriculture routinely uses sophisticated technologies such as robots, temperature and moisture sensors, aerial images, and GPS technology. These advanced devices and precision agriculture and robotic systems allow businesses to be more profitable, efficient, safer, and more environmentally friendly.

By taking this course, you will gain knowledge about general aspects of electrical and electronic engineering. The topics covered flow from introductory materials, to fundamental research and their practical applications including a broad range of examples.

Electronics is a technical and scientific discipline that studies physical, non-linear, electric systems or electronic components and the circuits that include these physical elements or the electronic circuits. Electronics has nowadays tremendous application in almost all fields one can think of, from communication, medicine, military equipment to the entertainment industry.

The following course reflects upon the Foundations of Interactive Smart Devices using the most User-friendly prototyping board, Arduino Uno. This specific course focuses on increasing the learner's ability to - think Computationally, Solve real-world problems and Design a different category of Gadgets and Devices that can sense and react to our surroundings. Automation and Autonomous Devices are the next big wave in the Ocean of Technology and It's best for us to not miss the shot this time.

Reliance on fossil fuels brings many problems, from damage to the Earth to pollution of the atmosphere and waters. Solar energy offers power without the need to burn fossil fuels. In its basic form, it needs no distribution grid because it comes down from the sky. It's under intensive development as a source of electric power, but sometimes its applications can be much smaller and simpler. The Union of Concerned Scientists lists numerous benefits, beginning with solar energy being inexhaustible and free.

Healthcare is the maintenance or improvement of health via the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease, illness, injury, and other physical and mental impairments in human beings.
The internet of things has numerous applications in healthcare, from remote monitoring to smart sensors and medical device integration. It has the potential to not only keep patients safe and healthy, but to improve how physicians deliver care as well. Healthcare IoT can also boost patient engagement and satisfaction by allowing patients to spend more time interacting with their doctors.
In this course we will see how we can use technology to improve patient diagnosis and monitoring easy.

This course is about understanding how to program Qbot robot and different type of activities based on this robot.

This course is designed to make students understand the fundamentals and use of bbc microbit and how to develop real time projects on it.

If we look around ourselves! We can see many electronic devices around us. Smart Gadgets and the use of Computers in almost everything we do. All modern electronic devices work on the concept of physical computing.Physical Computing is an approach to learning how humans communicate through computers that starts by considering how humans express themselves physically. In This course we are going to use the most popular IDE(Integrated development Environment ) named Mblock.

You know science has come quite far about couple of weeks ago a physicist were very excited scientists very, very excited that they are very close to discovering a particle called Boson. The name comes from 2 scientists Bos and Einstein and this is the particle that is responsible for matter. So, you have many intellectual minds many intelligent minds working over matter, but how is this fact related to the course? Well, if you are pondering never mind, it does not matter really never mind does not matter not quite. In this course you will have to apply your mind it does not matter for anything that you would do engineering; you will have to apply your mind; you will have to apply your common sense, because that is what matters in the end.

3D modelling capabilities allow you to create 3D images that are as realistic as the actual objects