3D modelling capabilities allow you to create 3D images that are as realistic as the actual objects. These images are called 3D models because, just like a physical model, they can be rotated on the screen. You can display views from a 3D model, such as isometrics or orthographic, from any angle with a few simple steps. 3D modelling is equal parts math, geometry, and design. Using specialized software, 3D modelling generates files that are essentially instructions for 3D printers.

Have you ever thought of designing a product for yourself rather than buying it from the market? Is it possible to develop a product at home ? To help you find answers to all these questions this course is the best guide. This course gives you an opportunity to solve real-life problems through a creative decision-making and problem-solving process assisted by a set of 21st century skills to develop solutions in the form of sketches, blueprints or a prototype.