Virtual Reality - Air Battlefield

Project Scenario

Training a pilot on the battlefield is a difficult task for the Air Force. The reason for the difficulty is creating a similar experience for pilots that they may face during the battle. 

A 3-Dimensional digital experience can help pilots to be trained for the battlefield, as it would help pilots experience various odd situations without having fear of danger to their life and non-functionality of airplane technologies.

This time, you are positioned to develop a Virtual Reality box that can help Air Force to create a real-life 3-dimensional experience for a pilot's battlefield training program. 

Problem Statement

To create a virtual reality box for pilot's battle field training program.

Steps to project Success

Required Resources

Resources Download

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Project Instructions

Download Resources

Download Resources available under "Download Resources"

I Explore

How will this project help you?

  1. It will help you in creating 3D experiences for real scenarios.
  2. It will help you understand the design of the virtual reality headset.
  3. It will help you build a virtual reality box to solve the pilot battlefield training problem.
  4. With some extra efforts, it will also help you know more about virtual reality

Which concepts will you apply?

Science of Lenses

Virtual Reality

Click on concepts to learn more about each.

Which skills will you use?

Problem Solving

ICT Application

Explore the Problem

Watch the video given below (for 5 minutes) and write your observations in the VR Journal.

I Connect

Experience the phenomenon behind virtual reality

Step 1:

Perform the activity on the "I Connect - Phenomena" page of VR Journal.

Also, write your observations and conclusion.

Step 2:

Attempt the questions on the "I Connect - Phenomena" page.

Step 3:

After performing the activity and answering questions on VR Journal. Watch the video given below to learn more about the phenomena behind VR and 3D perception by eyes.

The fact
The phenomena you have just explored where both of your eyes see an object at a different angle is called stereopsis.

Experiment with lenses

Step 1:

Collect two lenses, a paper tape, two hard paper sheets, and a smartphone.

Step 2:

Follow instructions present on the "I connect - Experient with lenses" page of VR Journal.

Write your observation in space under the instructions.

I Create

Build the Virtual Reality Box

Step 1:

Can you see the sketch of VR Box?

Fill in the template on "I Create - Ideate" page of VR Journal.

Step 2:

Sketch the design of the VR box on the "I create - Prototype" page.

Mention where will you put lenses, the head, the mobile phone, and the nose.

Step 3:

  • Collect the material you have identified on the "I Create - Prototype" page.

  • *Keep Makershala VR Box kit ready with the material.

Step 4:

  • Follow the instructions on the video given below.
  • Carefully follow the steps.
  • Take parent's help to use Glue gun or fevi-stick.

*You may use fevi-stick if do not have glue gun.

Image to be added

Step 5:

Built the VR Box?

Now it's the time to test it.

Test the VR Box

Step 1:

Scan the below-given QR using the smartphone to open the Virtual reality video of the battlefield.

Step 2:

Place your phone inside the VR box.

Step 3:

Close your VR Box properly

Step 4:

Wear the VR Box on your head and watch the video for 5 minutes.

Step 5:

Record your observations in VR Journal.

I Reflect

Attempt the Quiz by clicking on the button below. This is an important task to complete the project.

I Launch

You have done a hard work throughout the project. Share your work with us by uploading filled-in VR Journal.

YOU MADE IT Share with us, What you made




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