Project Scenario

Space agencies of the whole world are searching for a new habitable world. Mars seems a potential one, and NASA's two missions that sent two robots curiosity rover and perseverance rover make it more valid to explore it further for the existence of life or its possibilities. 

In this project, you are supposed to be in the position of an astronaut whose mission is to send his own rover Mars Explorer to Mars. It needs a lander that makes landing safer and accurate for it. Your mission is to design and develop a prototype of a Mars lander for your Mars Explorer.

Problem Statement

To build the model of a Mars lander that can keep the Mars Explorer safe while landing.

Steps to Project Success

Project Instructions

Dive Deep!

The Explorer drop Experiment

Step 1: Drop the Model

Drop your model from a height of 5 feet on a hard surface.

Step 2: Take the observations

Mark your observations under the 'Define' page of The Mars Lander Journal and try to establish the problem statement.

Open Image.

Design and Develop the Mars Lander

Design the Mars Explorer Landing Body

Step 1: Sketch the design

Use the mars lander Journal for the purpose.

Open Image

Think and sketch the design of a Mars Lander that you think can protect your Mars Explorer while landing on the surface of Mars. You may also share your design with your friends and Mahershala community on social media using #Makershala_Mars_Lander_Design. 

Step 2: Get Ideas and make Improvements.

Use the videos and resources given below.

In the video given below, there are some ideas that you may consider adding to your design. If you think that your design is better than all of those ideas, you need not make changes in your design and start developing a model of it.

Some more design ideas:

Building Guide | Creator: NASA

Building Guide | Creator: JPL, CALTECH

One more interesting design: Building Guide | Creator:

You may also build more than one prototype.

Step 3: Collect the Material

Use material resources mentioned above, or you may find new.

List all your resources on The Mars Lander Journal.

As per your final design, list the material you may need to build your design in a model and collect material for the building. You may choose the material given in the list of resources mentioned above or can arrange them for other materials yourself from house wastage or nearby market. Try to keep the material as inexpensive and affordable as you can, so that it does not be a burden on your parents or guardians.

Step 4: Start building your prototype

Draw the final design of your prototype in The Mars Lander Journal.

Open Image

Start building your Mars lander model keeping your design handy. Try to take help from an adult, especially while using any sharp, harmful or toxic material. I would not advise you to use such material, but if needed, you must take help from a healthy adult around you.


You may get failed while building your design. Don't panic if you fail. Try making improvements and building it again and again until you build the final prototype.  if needed, take help from your friends, parents, siblings, or relatives. 

Once you are ready with your Mars Lander prototype, it is time to test it for its working. 

Step 5: Test your prototype

Follow the steps given below to test your prototype.

Open Image

Step 1

Fit the Mars Explorer model (egg, Diya, cardboard rover, etc.) inside your Mars Lander prototype.

Step 2

Drop your Mars Lander from a height of at least 5 feet.

Step 3

Observe the impact and record your observations in The Mars lander Journal on the "Test" page.

The Quiz

Attempt a quiz by clicking on the link given below. This is a necessary step to complete your project.

Upload your Journal

Convert your work into PDF file and upload it by clicking on the link given below. This is another necessary step to complete your project.

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