Paper Clip Circuit

Required Resources

Button cell

Quantity : 1

Metal Brads pkt.

Quantity : 1

Steel paper clip pkt.

Quantity : 1


Quantity : 1

LDR sensor

Quantity : 1

Electric tape

Quantity : 1

Nail 2mm

Quantity : 1


Quantity : 1

Project Instructions


This is a great way to get hands-on and teach/learn the basics of electricity. With this project, you can change the path of the electric current to run through different LEDs and sensors. This project also teaches you to switch between lighting a LED or activating a Buzzer. You also have the choice of using a Light Dependent Resistor(LDR) with the LED or Buzzer. You can be creative and design your own circuit and add different sensors (other LEDs...). Teaching and learning basic circuits, electronics, and electricity from books which is described good, but why not build a simple circuit from scratch and learn from doing. I learn best the circuit through tactile teaching methods means through theory not from practical so it becomes difficult to understand some complex circuit. 

Project Description

In order to create a working circuit, we must create a complete loop using conductive materials. This project consists of LEDs, metal brads, buzzer, Nails, Electric tape, DST circle, Burger, LDR, etc. We connect the clips in series to make the simple circuit. We are also adding some more appliance to understand the use of the circuit we make.

Building Guide

You can feel free to change the design and make it bigger or smaller, with more parts or less, but I am going to describe to you what I have made. The materials used in this project.

Circuit Making

First, prepare the Cardboard by cleaning the Cardboard and cut out the shape of a square. Arrange the paper pin like a plus sign and make a hole through it using the nails.

Power Supply & Testing

Add a coin cell as a power source and test the small circuit we make. Use electric tape to cover the metal brads.

Now add more and more clips to make the circuit larger and follow the same pattern as above make a hole with nails and attach the paper clip. 

After that attached more appliance to the circuit to understand in a better way. 

Final Product Working

Change the direction of paper clip to pass the current through the different circuit. Here we use clips as a switch between two different appliance.

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