Climbing Domes

Project Scenario

Swings are of  great relevance for kids . They not only recreate us but also provide opportunities to build our motor skills. So let's consider the Swing structures and shapes to install a climbing gym in society park for children.

Problem Statement

 To design and propose a model of Climbing gym using a strong structure to allow 5-10 children climbing it together.

PROCESS: Steps to be followed

Required Resources

Resources Download


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Make It.pdf

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Project Instructions

Let's Begin

Step 1: Download Resources

Download and keep the prints of the resources ready before you begin.

I Explore

What you will learn through this project?

Through this project you will be able :

  1. To compare the strength of domed structures to other structures.
  2. To explore the properties of the materials used in designing structures.
  3. To draw upon your own experiences in order to make decisions.
  4. To design and  build a strong structure of a dome that has the best strength-to-weight ratio.
Key Concepts:

Design Thinking
Geometric shapes

Congruence of triangles

Strength-to-weight ratio


  • Critical Thinking Skills

  • Creative Thinking Skills

  • Social skills

I Connect

You need to know:

Which 3D shape encloses the most volume with the smallest surface area?

What advantages or disadvantages do domes have compared to rectangular buildings?

What all designs of climbing gyms are there and which is the best one?

Which materials will work the best in the construction of your proposed model dome?

  • How much force can a seemingly brittle object withstand when it is dome-shaped?

You can go through the Climbing Gym_resource documents to gain knowledge and gather information required to proceed in designing your project.

Get Ideas

Use the videos and resources given below.

In the video given below, there are some ideas that you may consider to help you think of the design of the climbing gym. You have to think and find out which design is better than all of those ideas in terms of maximum strength, but minimum material and area required for its construction.

Some design ideas of climbing gyms seen in the parks:

You can try out an activity to find out the shape which exhibits maximum strength and can be considered while developing the Climbing Gym.

Which type of climbing gym can have maximum number of the strongest shape in it?

Now it’s time to explore how this shape can be used in designing your climbing gym. Refer the ClimbingGym_resource document to gain knowledge and gather information required to proceed in designing your project.

I Create

Step 1: Makershala Journal Time

Use the Climbing Gym Journal and start filling it.

There are some ideas that you may consider to help you design the Dome-shaped Climbing Gym . If you think that your design is better than all of those ideas, you need not make changes in your design and start developing your prototype.

Some more design ideas:

You may also build a basic Geodesic Dome and add different features to make it unique.

Collect the Material

Use material resources mentioned above, or you may find new.

List all your resources on Night Lamp Journal.

As per your final design, list the material you may need to build your design in a model and collect material for the building. You may choose the material given in the list of resources mentioned above or can arrange them for other materials yourself from house wastage or nearby market. Try to keep the material as inexpensive and affordable as you can, so that it does not be a burden on your parents or guardians.

Step 4: Start building your prototype

Draw the final design of your prototype in Makershala Journal.

You can take help from the Makeit_resource document to know the step-wise process of making a dome shape.

Start building your climbing dome model keeping your design handy. Try to take help from an adult, especially while using any sharp, harmful or toxic material i.e. while cutting the cardboard. We will not advise you to use such material, but if needed, you must take help from a healthy adult around you.

You may get failed while building your design. Don't panic if you fail. Try making improvements and building it again and again until you build the final prototype.  if needed, take help from your friends, parents, siblings, or relatives.

Once you are ready with your Climbing Dome prototype, it is time to test it for its working.

Step 5: Test your prototype

Follow the steps given below to test your prototype.

Test how strong your dome. Record all your observation in the Makershala Journal Test Page .

Step 1:  Start adding books, one at a time, on the top of the dome and seeing how many books it can support.

Step 2: Weigh the stack of books that your dome could support. Record the mass (in g).

Step 3: Weigh your dome .Record the mass (in g) and calculate the strength-to weight ratio of your dome.

I Reflect

Attempt a quiz by clicking on the button given below and move a step ahead to complete your project.

I Launch

Make a video sharing your journey of how you designed a Climbing geodesic dome by understanding the society’s requirements explaining the key concepts and process involved in developing this project and also complete your Makershala Journal. Next you need to click images of each page of the Journal and create a PDF of those images that you will share with us . 

Upload the video and the Makershala Journal PDF below.

YOU MADE IT Share with us, What you made




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