Bottle Cap Robot

Required Resources

Mini Vibration motor

Quantity : 1

Bottle cap

Quantity : 1

Google eye

Quantity : 2

Button cell

Quantity : 1


Quantity : 1

DST round

Quantity : 6

Project Instructions


This project is a highly interactive way to learn electronic components like cells and motors. This robot scoots and dances around once powered. This is mostly liked by beginner students.

Project Description

The working of Bottlecap bots is based on the mechanism of the vibration motor. When switching on the motor it starts rotating on its own axis which gives a satisfying pleasure to the eye present there. It is easy to make as well as cheap in cost. Their electric circuit is easily understood by the beginner's student also.

Building Guide

Materials and tools used in this project.

Take the round DST and paste it into bottle cap.

Take the vibration motor and fix it on the DST pasted. Before pasting check the motor working.

Now take out the red wire outside through the bottle cap and black to the DST. 

Take a coin cell and paste from the negative side.

Now take a small piece of red wire and pass through the bottle cap from positive terminals of the cell.

After that fill the space beside the vibration motor with the clay.

Take the googly eye and paste it on the bottle cap. Our project is ready to use.

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