Air Purifier

Required Resources

Laser Cut Part

Quantity : 1

Cabinet cooling fan

Quantity : 1

Cabin Air Filter

Quantity : 1

DC power adapter

Quantity : 1

Resister 220

Quantity : 1

LED white

Quantity : 2

Fix well

Quantity : 1

DC barrel jack

Quantity : 1

Heat shrink in meter

Quantity : 1

Mini rocker switch

Quantity : 1

soldering iron

Quantity : 1

Glue gun

Quantity : 1

Wire stripper

Quantity : 1

Project Instructions


Recently I had got a job in Delhi. When I shifted there I feel complexity in breathing due to high pollution as you all know. It become hazardous for me to live there even in my room. After one day I attend my friend's birthday party at their home. There I saw an automated cant air purifier from that day start finding. Fortunately, I find it but due to the high cost, I didn't buy it. The same day evening as per routine I am sitting in my chair and thinking about the fresh air, that moment I get an idea to make my own air purifier.

Product Description

An air purifier is switch controlled air purifier consists of cyclone 12v dc fan and paper filter. When the switch gets on then pollute air drawn through cabin filter using fan and filter traps pollutants from unfiltered air and gives us fresh filtered air. It works on the principle of venting out hot or polluted the air of a small and localized area, allowing fresh air to enter from outside in order to replace it. The warm or pollute air that's drawn through cabin filter using an exhaust fan. During this, the filter captures pollutants from an unfiltered air and gives us a fresh filtered air

Building Guide

Materials and tools used in this project.

Take filter paper and paste it on the filter frame by applying a glue gun at the middle part of the sides of the frame. And insert filter is attached to filter frame by fixing side panels.

Assembling of the top panel and a base panel of the box using a fix well.

Fan setting

The fan is fixed with the fan grill by using a glue gun and take care of the sticker side should be paste with a fan grill.

Circuit Making

Take female dc barrel jack and fix it to the back leg of the box using fix well. Jack should be at the level of the outer side of the leg. Take a mini rocker switch and fix it to the front leg of the box by pressing it into it. There is no need to use fix well to fix it.

Take two LEDs and short their negative legs (shorter) by soldering together. After that, solder one black wire to negative terminals and cover it by electric tape to avoid any short circuit. Then, solder positive legs together and take a red wire and connect it to the same legs using soldering.

Take the positive terminal of fan inserting from the inner side of the box in base panel and solder it with a free end of the resistor and put heat shrink. Take a wire and solder it to the connection point of resistor and positive terminal of a fan. Then connect the same wire to the upper switch terminal. Connect the other end terminal of the switch to the positive terminal of dc barrel jack and cover it by heat shrink. And also solder the black wire coming from LEDs and negative terminal of the fan. Take a wire and solder it to the negative terminal of dc jack and connection point of negative terminals of fan and LEDs and cover it by heat shrink.

Stand Making

Assemble the legs to the base panel carefully using fix well. And fix the base plate.

Final Product & Testing

After assembling all parts and circuit connection connect 12v dc adapter to the dc barrel jack and switch on the main power supply. Then, on the switch of air purifier, it will work.


You can change size and shape as per your requirement.

You can also use a different material, by comparing their price, strength, durability.

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