Do It Yourself

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DIY Projects

Make your own Robots, Gadgets, Arts. etc. in an easy to build step-by-step procedure.

LED Arcade Game

LED Arcade game is cool and easy for everyone. It's easy to make full of fun in playing .


Paper Plane Launcher

Tired of throwing your paper plain again and again? In this DIY we will make a launcher for ordinary Paper Plane. With which you can launch your plane


Speed Boat

This Speed Boat is a fun project that introduces makers to the principles of a real boat. In this project, we will make 1/20 scaled model of Boat.


Mobile projector

A mobile projector stands for an optical device that projects an image (or moving images) onto a surface, like a projection screen.


LED Emblem Light

Do you want to gift a customized present to your friend or family? Beautiful Emblem Light is the solution. You can make any design of your choice.


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