Do It Yourself

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DIY Projects

Make your own Robots, Gadgets, Arts. etc. in an easy to build step-by-step procedure.


Wake up the aeronautical engineer in you to build a Mars Lander for the Explorer, Makershala’s Mars rover.

Fee: Age: 10-15

Flying Medicines

You as a problem solver are going to build a model of mini-airplane that can carry medicines to needy islanders.

Fee: Age: 12 - 16

No More Scary Night

Time to develop a night lamp which can give some respite to the kids who are scared during night while sleeping alone.

Fee: Age: 10+

Climbing Gym

Build a model of Climbing Gym for a society's park to add a new experience for kids which can help them in developing motor skills.

Fee: Age: 12-15

Origami Starshade

Magnify the potential of space telescopes with the power of starshade using the origami technique.

Fee: Age: 12-15

Third EYE For Blinds

Third eye for blind is an innovation which help the people who are blind in order to navigate their speed as well as confidence.


LED Arcade Game

LED Arcade game is cool and easy for everyone. It's easy to make full of fun in playing .


Car Racing Game

Race the buildings is based on magnetism and driving controls , it is highly engaging and you can challenge your friends to race with you .


Trash bin

Every work has some wastage that requires attention regularly to maintain cleanliness, safety, and health in the workplace or home.



Handmade decorative articles are in trend nowadays. Try making this Beautiful PVC lamp. It will add shine to the corner of your study.


Shutter Lamp

Handmade decorative articles are in trend now the shutter lamp uses to decorate our home, office, and other places due to its versatile applications.


Line Following Robot (LFR)

Line follower is an autonomous robot that follows either a black line in white or white in the black area. It contains a sensor, program, and a body