Do It Yourself

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DIY Projects

Make your own Robots, Gadgets, Arts. etc. in an easy to build step-by-step procedure.

Use It Till End

Apply 3D modelling and printing technology to solve real life problems

Fee: Age: 9-11

Furnituring Waste

Time to develop some innovative waste management solutions that meet high standards of sustainability and help the needy.

Fee: Age: 11+

The Roller Coaster Ride

Help a client (Leo) to build a roller coaster model for his visionary amusement park.

Fee: Age: 9-13

Virtual Reality - Air Battlefield

Let trainee pilots experience battlefield reality using the Virtual Reality headset.

Fee: Age: 10-14

Arduino Parking Assistant

The parking assistant is one of them which indicates to us how far we have to park our vehicle that it doesn't get an accident with the wall.


VR Box

VR is an immersive experience in which your head movements are tracked in a three-dimensional world, making it suitable for games and even movies.


Air Purifier

Air Purifier project and mobile air purifying system will save you and the people around you from the harmful effect of air pollutants.


Paper Clip Circuit

Let's twist things a bit & find a substitute for wires in this project. Understand the flow of current, conductivity and other factors of electricity.


Bottle Cap Robot

This project is a highly interactive way to learn electronic components like cells and motors. This robot scoots and dances around once powered.


Rubber Band Racer

This DIY project brings you the same fun and knowledge as you build your own 'Rubber Band Racer. it's a fantastic project for art and craft.


PVC Book Stand

This project is for those students or people who can't buy their own bookstand. You can make your own using recycled PVC pipe & their joints.


PVC Tooth Brush

Toothbrush Holder, stylish and cost-efficient way to keep your toothbrushes handy. Also, learn how to make best out of waste found in our household.