Do It Yourself

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DIY Projects

Make your own Robots, Gadgets, Arts. etc. in an easy to build step-by-step procedure.

Pandemic Trooper

Time for some innovations in the field of Robotics to overcome the challenges we are facing during the current pandemic.

Fee: Age: 12-15

Digital Spirit Level and Measuring Tool Using Arduino

This DIY model is a professional tool that enables the user to measure proper distance, area and angle of the respective object w.r.t ground surface.


How To Make PCB

In this DIY we will learn to make PCB's ( Printed Circuit Boards ) to avoid those Noodles style connections in our some Complex Electronics projects.


Bluetooth Controlled Car

Want a wireless Bluetooth controlled car? Yeah!! it's an expensive affair. I suggest you make one for yourself. Here is my version of it.


Arduino Calculator

Wanna flaunt your technical and programming skills. Try making this Arduino calculator... It will satisfy you.